Our DIY Philosophy


We love to grow and produce our own stuff when we can, whether it’s chocolate mint for our own mint choc-chip ice cream or our ever growing list of house soft drinks.




Cook House has always had its own little garden and when we moved we set about turning an unloved corner of our site green.

We can only dream of self sufficiency, but in the meantime our patch of the Ouseburn gives us seasonal treats and green fingered satisfaction.

Cook House Ouseburn Newcastle Ferments and Pickles

Ferments & Pickles

We love to pickle, and the Cook House menu always features fermented goodies from our larder.

Whether it’s veg top Kimchi or seasonal produce pickled to accompany charcuterie, we’re always experimenting and expanding our knowledge.


Soft Drinks, Preparations & Cocktails

From day one in the containers we never wanted to sell corporate pop and our homemade lemonade quickly became a favourite. Since then we’ve grown and grown our range of house soft drinks, our own seasonal Shrubs, Kombuchas, cordials and tonics all feature on the menu. Our ever changing cocktail menu puts the house shrubs, cordials and Kombuchas to good use or try our homemade vermouth.



You don’t have to head to the wilds for wild food our very own Ouseburn Valley has it’s fair share if you know where to look. Elderflowers, Blackberries, Rosehips, Sloes, Nettles and more all find their way onto our menu.